DataQualityFirst - Better data quality improves business performance!
Our innovative solutions drive concrete business benefits by resolving long standing data integration, quality and governance problems. Better data quality improves business performance! Our mission is to work with our customers to make that connection real in complex heterogenous business and information technology environments.

We Offer Solutions to Real World Data Problems

  • Automatically generate a business oriented understanding of the quality of core operational and analytical data
  • Evaluate the business benefits available with improved data quality
  • Expand the capacity to manage data quality and improve the quality of data through remediation projects
  • Improve business performance and reduce risk and liability

Leverage your investment in IBM software with PartyQualityInsight™

Learn about PartyQualityInsight™ PartyQualityInsight™ integrates "customer" data. Leveraging IBM technology PQI automatically identifies customer duplication and customer relationships within and between sources. Simply map source data to the input format, run PQI and generate a very high quality view of your customer data. Collaborate with the business to confirm standardization and matching rules to insure accurate integration with business applications and databases across the enterprise.

PartyQualityInsight™ implements a best in class customer data integration application for IBM InfoSphere QualityStage®. PQI also delivers functions such as calculating data quality scores, discovering party relationships, tracking trends in content and quality and delivering results through an easy to use browser interface. Understanding how PQI meets your extended set of requirements right up front can dramatically collapse the time to implement QualityStage®, reduce the overall cost to implement and maintain the application and produce the highest quality results possible at the same time!

Reduce Credit Default

Reduce Credit Default For banking and financial services organizations, the risk of default on existing loans is growing. PartyQualityInsight™ can help reduce the risk of credit default.
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CrossWalk Provider Identifiers

PartyQualityInsight and NPPES PQI Provider CrossWalk provides a complete set of provider data quality, matching and integration functions.
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PartyQualityInsight™ Video

Overview and demonstration of PartyQualityInsight. Features transforming the account registration data for Bernard Madoff Investment Securities (BMIS) into a party centric view of people, business organization and the relationships between them.
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